The emerging, the unknown and the underrated: part 5

The emerging, the unknown and the underrated: part 5

Welcome to this twisted world in which algorithms determine what music we're listening to. It's getting increasingly harder for bands to reach their audiences. As a band you should not only be a group of talented musicians, you're also supposed to be marketeers. Boosting those follower counts is a full time job, but what time remains for making amazing music? Pretty sad if you ask me. In this article series I'm trying to do my part, recommending you some underrated bands I regularly listen to, just like in the old days, pre-insta-facebook-spotify-crap. All these bands are worth your time, give them a listen, you might find your next favorite band. Enjoy my friends!

#1 Seyr
A German-Syrian progmetal band that released an amazing album in 2022: Flux. Genre-wise it's hard to say where they should be categorized. You'll definitely hear influences from prominent bands like Mastodon or Opeth, but they're also adding their own unique flavour to the mix with their doomish death metal influences. Their album features amazing compositions and stellar production. It's beyond me why this band isn't blowing up (yet). Sooo good!

#2 Lattermath
Lattermath is a progressive metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. Their new album "Winter's Painting" arrived just in time for this list. It released today and has been on repeat all day over here. Beautiful stuff! What they bring to the table is a beautiful blend of melodies and heavier moments. For starters check out their song "The Vice", what a track. FFO Circles, The Contortionist and Karnivool.

#3 Rhine
A Seattle-based progressive death metal band that will blow your socks off! The band often averages around 15 monthly listeners on Spotify, so it's safe to say they're pretty unknown. Now, give them a listen, you'll quickly discover their listeners count is no reflection of their quality. Their album Ausland, released in 2021, is a certified banger. Heavy stuff with great melodies and surprising twists. Essential track: Virtual Plague.

#4 Bubblemath
This band has everything to charm every prog fan. Bubblemath makes the most complex and intricate prog sound effortless. They're not afraid to put the fun in music, but don't be mistaken, their songs are some of the most thought-out songs you'll ever hear. If you like Frank Zappa, Soft Machine, Haken, Native Construct, Cheeto's Magazine, Between the Buried and Me or Gentle might like Bubblemath.

#5 Hyco
This band is easy to get into, but for the seasoned listener there's always something new to discover. Don't expect to find the most complex progmetal ever. I'd say it's closer to alt metal with some fresh electronic elements. Be prepared to sing some of these songs along, you'll find some very catchy and well thought-out melodies here. If you like Karnivool or September Again, you'll certainly like Hyco. Both their 2013 album Ghostwood and their 2020 EP Leylines are amazing pieces of music.

#6 Woe Unto Me
Buckle in for this one. Woe Unto Me is set to release their album "Along the Meandering Ordeals, Reshape the Pivot of Harmony" on March 24th 2023 and it's shaping up to be a journey of an album. The singles for this album have been nothing but stellar so far. If you're into atmospheric music of epic grandeur with a touch of doom and somberness, this is for you.

This female-fronted band from Copenhagen brings a tasty blend of progressive metal and postmetal. So far they don't have the biggest discography, but what they brought to the table with their first EP "I: Human" is extremely promising. This EP is the first of three, so if all goes right, there's more to come. You can expect potent riffs, beautiful melodies and the occasional polyrhythmic outburst. Keep an eye on this band, they're just getting started!